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What We Offer

DOGIPOT® offers a complete set of pollution solution products and supplies. For commercial wholesale orders or for private dog owner's orders, we have a solution to your dog pollution!

The procedure is simple. Place DOGIPOT® dog waste containers, Pet Waste Stations, or Junior Dog Poop Bag Dispensers in your communities at locations which will receive maximum usage. Instructions on how to use DOGIPOT® are posted on top of each Dog Poop Bag Dispenser to keep the system self explanatory.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly toll free at 800 787-7667

The DogiPot Story

The DOGIPOT® system was adapted to US requirements in 1994 and successfully applied at thousands of City/County and State Parks, Apartment Communities, Hotel Yards, Veterinary Clinics and Sub-Communities all over the USA.

The DOGIPOT® concept was invented 23 years ago in Europe. The system has been adapted to US requirements in 1994 and successfully applied to thousands of City/County and State Parks, Apartment Communities, Campgrounds, Hotel Yards, Veterinary Clinics and Sub-Communities all over the USA.

It's not a voluntary action, it's the law in most states to keep the environment clean. Everybody is asked to perform his/her private contribution to keep our country beautiful. That's why we want your Communities/Parks to participate in the DOGIPOT® concept, and we want to give Dog-owners a chance and a "tool" to clean up after their pets.

We all know that Community and Park Rules and Regulations include cleaning up Dog-accidents and using designated Dog-Walk Areas. Enforcement of these rules has been difficult due to lack of adequate "tools" to pick up after dogs.

By installing the DOGIPOT® system, it will not only be easier to enforce the rules, but you are also providing a tool (the DOGIPOT® Dog Poop Bag) to clean up the unpleasant dog-accidents. Remember, designated Dog-Walks are not the solution to the problem - DOGIPOT® Dog Poop Bag Dispensers are definitely the solution. It has been very successful in many States for over 15 years, because it's the most economical and logical "Dog Waste System" on the market. There are DOGIPOT® imitators out in the market, but nobody is able to provide our environmentally-conscience quality, products, experience, world class customer service and competitive prices.

Many Public Parks and Residential Communities in America are or will soon be equipped with the DOGIPOT® Dog Waste Bag Dispenser system. Why not your Parks/Communities. Thank you for your contribution in keeping your Communities and America beautiful. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Dog Poop Bag Waste Myth

Some of the other companies that sell pet waste bag dispensers try to promote their "one bag at a time" bag dispensers, claiming that it will save you money on wasted bags. The DogiPot® poop bags come in rolls of 200 that easily tear off from the dispenser. While in theory, one could try to grab the first bag and "run with it", it is highly unlikely. Scoop Masters have been servicing DogiPot® pet waste stations since 2002 and we have never had an incident where someone would try to take the whole roll out of the dispenser. On the other hand, you can easily remove four or five bags and conveniently keep them with you while walking your dog. Enjoy!

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Dogipot Replacement Parts

Dogipot # 1206-L 10 Gallon Steel Receptacle W/Lid or 1206A-L Aluminum

Dogipot replacement trash receptacle with lid and retainer band item #1206

Steel $179.00 ea.
Aluminum $199.00 ea.
plus shipping


Dogipot # 1208-L 10 Gallon Poly Receptacle W/Lid

dogipot poly replacement trash container with lid item # 1208

Only $85.00 ea plus shipping


Replacement Lid for 10 gal. Poly Receptacle

Only $15.00 each

Poly replacement lid comes in two styles. The old style or pre-2007 and the new style as seen in the picture above. The difference being the notch located in the middle rear of the lid. If you do not have a notch, then you have the old style lid. Both styles are only $15.00 plus shipping.


Replacement Insert for the 1007-I Poly

Replacement insert $44.00 each


8' & 4' Galvanized Steel Square Post


The 8' pole consists of two 4' poles. The bottom pole is 2" square and is also sold as the 4' pole. The top pole is 1 3/4" and is sold as the top of the 8' pole. Handy information when purchasing the decorative Pyramid Rain Caps.


8' Polyethylene Square Post

dogipot 8 foot poly square mounting post with hardware item # 1304

Your Cost $69.95 ea. plus shipping